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These days, alternative healthcare is no longer in the backseat of mainstream care and has really grown in popularity due to many people reporting additional relief from practicing alternative healthcare..

But what exactly is alternative healthcare and how can it benefit you?

Alternative healthcare refers to an array of therapies, treatments, and practices that extend beyond what is more traditionally done in conventional Western healthcare treatments. There are so many different options to help you in treating a range of health concerns and what’s great is many of them are supported by medical health professionals.

Keep reading on to learn about everything that’s new in alternative healthcare and how you can benefit from each one.

Clean Medicine Focused Blog

It can be so difficult when you are searching the internet for advice when everywhere you turn it’s ads or blogs suggesting medicine that has a long list of side-effects. That’s why it is so important for you to find a clean medicine focused blog that aligns with your healthcare values.

This way you can feel confident in the answers you find for the questions you have about medicine and health for you and your kids. You can also feel confident in each article because they are all written by actual medical doctors and physician assistants that are focused on clean medicine and health.

Pain Relief

There are many different kinds of pills you can take when it comes to pain management but they often come with many unwanted side-effects. This is where CBD comes in. CBD is an active ingredient in cannabis and does not cause a “high” feeling by itself. It is also legal in all 50 states.

There are many different ways of using CBD but with pain relief using it in a cream can be very beneficial for sore and achy muscles. Combining a CBD cream with an ultra-strength lidocaine can help numb irritated nerves. There are so many benefits that come with using CBD like reduced anxiety and improving sleep quality.

Marine Collagen

Collagen supplements have become so increasingly popular with all of the amazing benefits that people are getting from it. But what exactly is collagen? Collagen is the most abundant protein found in your body and supports your hair, nails, joints, bones, and skin.

The most common source of collagen in collagen supplements are sourced by bovine but it is often not the cleanest source of collagen. This is because land mammals are far more likely to contain contaminants or hormones than fish.

A better option for you is marine collagen. Some of the benefits of marine collagen are better hair, skin, nails, and overall health. It is a premium source of collagen so it is not the least expensive option but when it comes to your health, there’s no better investment.

Talk Therapy

Just in the last few years, talk therapy has powered through many negative stigmas that have been associated with it for so long. It has now become incredibly mainstream to seek out the treatment of a professional therapist to help improve your mental health.

Talk therapy goes by many other names, including psychotherapy, therapy, and counseling. But, no matter what you want to call it all works in a similar way. So, how talk therapy works is by using a communication-based method with a professional therapist who will work with you to assess, diagnose, and treat any mental or emotional concerns you have.

Talk therapy looks different from person-to-person but many claim they can begin to see the benefits from just the first session. Sometimes making the first step to make the appointment and begin to talk about what you need to can give you a feeling of empowerment and you should continue to see the benefits through each additional session.

Benefits of Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is most commonly known as the primary male sex horomone and effects many things from sperm production to bone-density and bone growth. Unfortunately, many males experience lower testosterone levels as they age. But, all hope is not lost because there are amazing supplements like, Testosterone Boosters, that can help you increase your testosterone count.

You may be surprised to learn that testosterone plays an essential role in women’s bodies as well. Women need testosterone to help with bone growth, reduce fatigue, and works with estrogen during the menopause process.

This is why both sexes can benefit from a testosterone booster to see some improvements like a healthier cardiovascular system, stronger bone density, and muscle growth. It’s a great solution for when you are feeling frustrated from the effects of low testosterone levels that are not your fault.

Self Care

Self care is no longer a treat or a reward that you can have a few times a year. It is an essential part of your life because it’s important to care for yourself before you care for others. Self care can be anything from watching your favorite show, setting out some time to move your body, or incorporating a good skincare routine.

The cool thing about self care is it’s personal and can be whatever works for you. A really great idea for self care is finding the right holistic feminine care products at Rael. Rael offers products that are innovative and natural for all aspects of your cycle and your life.

Best Bread for Diabetics

If you are a person with diabetes, it’s probably been awhile since you have had bread. Or maybe you have eaten bread but later had to deal with the consequences from a spike in your blood sugar. But whether you are looking to improve your overall health or you are diabetic, there are some bread options out there for you.

The best bread for diabetics is actually pumpernickel bread as it has the lowest glycemic index compared to other varieties of bread. Sprouted grain bread is a great option when you’re out shopping and you should be sure to avoid any kind of white bread.


There are incredible benefits that come from taking the time to bring yourself to the present through meditation. There are studies that show that meditation can have the same and sometimes better effect on you mentally and physiologically better than medication.

Meditation activates the parasympathetic nervous system which serves the ‘rest and digest’ hormones in your body. This may cause your heart rate to decrease and your blood pressure to go down.


Similar to meditation, yoga has wonderful benefits to the body including increased mood, lowered stress, and helps you create a mind-body connection. Yoga is an ancient practice that has been practiced for thousands of years yet it continues to grow in popularity.

A great thing about yoga is it doesn’t require any special equipment outside of a yoga mat. You can keep it in the corner of your room and with so many video options online you can bring a yoga class right into your own space.


Alternative healthcare continues to grow and develop as more and more people are looking for the best options to improve their health. These products and services will be a wonderful addition to your everyday routine to have you feeling great in no time!

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