Ram Ben Barak
Ram Ben BarakNoam Moskowitz/Knesset spokesperson

The organization "Torat Le'hima" demands that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid remove MK Ram Ben Barak (Yesh Atid) from his position as chairman of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, after returning to work the Muslim aide who posed for pictures and spoke with and terrorist leaders.

A letter sent by the organization to Prime Minister Bennett said: "If it seemed that the public would be gratified by a symbolic step in firing the aide, who while exposed to sensitive security information associates with terrorist supporters, then tonight MK Ben Barak spat in the face of the people of Israel and harmed Israel's security, just to feel 'enlightened' and please his terrorist supporters In the coalition."

According to them, "there is no red or black line that this man will not cross and the public is paying the price. This is a loss of values and Ram Ben Barak's military past will not be able to protect him."

HaKol HaYehudi's website revealed about a week and a half ago that MK Bam Barak's parliamentary assistant participated in acourse where she was photographed with sheiks known for incitement and with terrorist supporters. One of them supported suicide bombings and was questioned by the police only about two weeks ago.

Ben Barak, who was abroad at the time of the discovery, decided to hold an inquiry following the report and suspended the aide until his return to Israel. "Tonight I suspended her activities in the staff of my office until I returned from a visit abroad. When I return to Israel, I will make an in-depth inquiry into questions that have arisen regarding her conduct. I will reach my conclusions accordingly, "MK Ben Barak added, clarifying:" As chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, I will always put the banner of state security before any other consideration."

Yesterday, in an interview with Channel 12 News, he responded to the allegations against her and announced that he would return her to her sensitive job: "The publication is incorrect and she did not participate in any forum. My assistant is a religious Arab, who prays in al-Aqsa sometimes. At the same event, she did something with tour guides at the mosque. At the end of the course, people came there, where she was photographed with them and one of them makes unpleasant remarks."

"I decided to suspend her until I find out," he added. "I investigated this, including a conversation with a Knesset officer and with GSS personnel. Maybe she will hear it through you - but I decided to put her back to work. The wrong thing is that I did not know about it in advance and I think she erred in her judgment."