A NIS 50,000 lawsuit was filed this week against Israel Police by a haredi man who was hospitalized after a police officer used a taser gun against him several times during a protest in which he was involved, reports Behadrey Haredim.

The disturbance occurred during the dedication ceremony for a new Torah scroll at the Hebron yeshiva at the end of last year. The ceremony apparently breached coronavirus regulations and police were summoned to the scene and arrested one yeshiva student. Several of his friends then sat down in the street in protest.

The lawsuit describes how one police officer approached “A,” who was among those sitting on the ground, and shot him with a Taser gun before dragging him across the street and then shooting him another few times. “A” was then taken to the police station where he was held for several hours before being released without being either interrogated or charged with any offense.

Attorney Menachem Stauber, representing “A,” noted in the lawsuit that, “The police officers did not appear to see the need to grant the plaintiff and his friends the same rights of other ordinary citizens, and began to evacuate them in a violent manner without any prior order for them to disperse.”

At the police station, “A” was told to sit on the floor. He was not provided with any medical treatment despite his injuries, Stauber writes, and after being released, he went of his own accord to hospital suffering from severe head pain, dizziness, difficulty breathing, and pain in the area where he was shot.

“A” was admitted to hospital with blood protein levels 60 times higher than normal, due to the electric shocks he had received, and was forced to remain there under observation for the next three days. His blood protein levels have yet to return to normal.

Attorney Stauber is now demanding compensation to the amount of NIS 50,000 for his client.