Avigdor Liberman
Avigdor LibermanYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman said on Thursday that "a confrontation with Iran is only a matter of time, and not a lot of time."

Speaking to Walla! and quoted by i24NEWS, Liberman stated that "no diplomatic move or agreement will stop the Iranian nuclear program."

"This is a problem of the international community but first of all ours because they have stated that their policy is the destruction of Israel, and they do mean it," he added.

Liberman also commented on Israeli government’s approval of a 5 billion shekel ($1.5 billion) package designed to build up Israel's capabilities to strike at Iran's nuclear program.

"They were surprised why such a large budget was approved for the IDF. The money goes to empowerment and the purchase of advanced systems," Liberman said.

The interview with Liberman comes as talks between Iran and world powers on the 2015 nuclear deal remain stalled.

Iran has gradually scaled back its compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal it signed with world powers in response to former US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement in May of 2018.

The previous Iranian government, headed by former President Hassan Rouhani, had been holding indirect talks with the Biden administration on a return to the agreement.

However, the negotiations were adjourned on June 20, two days after Ebrahim Raisi won Iran's presidential election, and no date has been set for a resumption of dialogue.

On Monday, Raisi said that the United States should lift the sanctions on his country to prove it is serious about restarting stalled nuclear talks in Vienna.

“Lifting sanctions is an indication of seriousness of the other party,” he stated.