Netanyahu at the conference
Netanyahu at the conference Muni Expo 2021, conference of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who now heads the Knesset's opposition, spoke Thursday at the Muni Expo 2021, a conference of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel.

"In the past decade, we turned Israel into a rising global power," Netanyahu said. "Not just in roads and trains and tunnels, but in everything. We made Israel a significant force in the world.. [We made it into] a cyber power."

"[MK] Aryeh Deri (Shas) told me that there were hundreds of abandoned apartments in Dimona, with chipping paint and mice, and that it was a problem to be rid of them. Today there has been an enormous change and today it's impossible to find one place to live in Dimona."

About the coronavirus pandemic, Netanyahu said, "Today I am not willing to accept the dead, and I am not willing to accept this strange government, which many Israeli citizens understand that something isn't right with it.

"They took Knesset seats from here and transferred them to the other side, and they feel that something isn't right with a Prime Minister with six Knesset seats, who next time will barely pass the electoral threshold. One thing I cannot accept. We will be back quickly and we will fix it. It could be in two weeks, or three and a half years.

"One thing does not allow me to sleep: Iran. If it now has a free path to reach a nuclear arsenal with dozens of bombs aimed at the head of our country - then that's something else. That endangers our future. This is a thing that the continuation of this government, which bows its head to international dictations, which commits to not conducting an elimination of the Iranian nuclear program without receiving US approval, which does not fight and allows Iran's ability to enrich uranium to an amazing extent. This I do not accept, and it does not allow me to sleep."