Turkey (from archives)
Turkey (from archives)Flash 90

Turkish media on Thursday reported that the government arrested a cell of 15 people over the past month, who were caught spying for the Israeli Mossad, Kan News reported.

The 15 were working in five cells, the report added.

The media also published photos of several of the suspects.

According to reports in Sabah and Gazetevatan, the "agents" are both Turkish and foreign citizens, and all are of Arab descent.

The Turkish claim that the suspects were passing information on foreign students in Turkish universities to the Mossad, especially about those who can work in the security industry in the future. The newspapers added that there was also tracking of "Palestinians."

According to the report, within the past month the Turks arrested three cells, the members of which they claimed were providing information to Israel.

The report also said that as a result of an action carried out with great secrecy for a year, all of the codes of the Israeli intelligence network were discovered. The network had conducted espionage by collecting intelligence on people who are Turkish citizens or foreign students who live in the country.