Aviv Kohavi at IDF Northern Command
Aviv Kohavi at IDF Northern CommandIDF Spokesperson's Unit

IDF Chief of Staff, Major General Aviv Kohavi, has been writing a book during his tenure. In recent days, he has asked the Ministerial Committee on Publications to allow the publication of the book, Kan 11 News reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, members of the committee have already received copies of the book. The lengthy book deals with the topic of leadership. Other sources have also read the book after the Chief of Staff asked them for their opinion on it.

Sources close to Kohavi said that the Chief of Staff has been writing this book for a long time and has not yet decided whether to publish it and when.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said, "The manuscript written by the Chief of Staff deals with military command leadership. The manuscript has not been edited and it has not yet been decided on its actual publication or method of publication, so dealing with the subject is very premature and irrelevant at the moment."