US Consulate preparing to become Embassy, Jerusalem, Israel
US Consulate preparing to become Embassy, Jerusalem, Israel Flash 90

Why are the Abraham Accords out in the cold?

It appears that the Biden administration is getting ready to re-open a US Consulate in Jerusalem as a means to bring the Palestinian Arabs back into the big picture.

This is not good news. Because it is old news.

In the past, before Trump shut it down, 2019, the US Consulate General (not to be confused with today's actual US Embassy) somehow became de facto Palestinian headquarters.

Intended to serve the Arab sector and Jews, American personnel looked aside as the Palestinian Authority began staffing the place with Palestinian Arabs who ran it as a separate capital.

Israel shrugged. Better to have them shuffling papers than hurling Molotov Cocktails.

To Jews and Arabs alike they had the means to do municipal business…even to issue passports… and sometimes front door or back door, world dignitaries came to pay respect.

So, there it was…by some measure a divided Jerusalem, anathema, and contrary to the fact that Jerusalem, all of it, is absolutely the unified capital of Israel.

Back to the future…are we?

Or is it that some people will never warm to Israel until the Palestinian Arabs are frolicking happy campers?

Although, even the Palestinian Arabs themselves are in no rush for too many favors, even from Biden. They’re okay being miserable.

Being miserable is what they count on to give them the edge against the Israelis. Griping is their default position.

“You are here by mistake,” to quote Knesset Member Bezalel Smotrich sizing up the situation.

But Biden wants his turn playing master diplomat. He wants to fix what ain’t broke. It is his specialty.

We know that he is prepared to go to extremes to undo whatever Trump did. Trump got the Palestinian Arabs to sit quietly in the corner sucking their thumbs. Hardly a peep out of them for four years, and not much talk about a two-state solution, either. Then he shut down the PLO office in DC, and then he turned off the spigot of funds to the PA.

Proof, by the way, that the power of the American presidency is immense.

After that, with Netanyahu a partner, he did the impossible.

For years, decades, centuries, it was an historical imperative that there can never be peace between Arabs and Jews.

Since modern Israel’s founding, it was received wisdom that the Arab World would always be at war with Israel…even with Egypt coming around, and halfway so Jordan.

“Then I’ll tell you,” says Ibrahim Hassan to Joshua Kane in this masterwork. “On the surface, for the sake of Arab unity, my country is in a perpetual state of war with Israel…However.”

Two years ago, Trump got all three done as yes to peace, yes to recognition, and yes to negotiations with four Arab countries…the UAE, Sudan, Bahrain, Morocco.
However, things change.

The Arab League’s Three No’s of Khartoum from 1967, ran as, no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.

Two years ago, Trump got all three done as yes to peace, yes to recognition, and yes to negotiations with four Arab countries…the UAE, Sudan, Bahrain, Morocco.

They said it couldn’t be done. But it was done, against all odds, and with no interference or approval from the Palestinian Arabs. They were unnecessary. They had no say.

This we know as The Abraham Accords, a diplomatic breakthrough that is astonishing.

You’d think there’d still be dancing over this achievement…fireworks, parades…lofty speeches from leaders around the world. Rather, it seems to have gone missing.

Where’s the Nobel Peace Prize? Arafat and Rabin shared it in 1994 while Arafat’s Arabs were still murdering Rabin’s Jews. (“Sacrifices for peace,” per Rabin/Peres.)

No shots were fired when in 2020 Trump did the impossible together with Netanyahu.

Instead, the reaction varies from ho-hum, to whispers, to no big deal.

What’s not to like about the Abraham Accords? What’s not to like about peace?

The Europeans don’t like it because it came from America. Biden’s America doesn’t like it because it came from Trump.

Israel’s ruling coalition pretends not to notice it, because it came from Netanyahu.

To further spite Trump and ingratiate himself with either Abbas, Mahmoud or Monsour, Biden can’t undo it – can he?

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