Kindergarten (illustration)
Kindergarten (illustration) iStock

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Monday evening held a discussion on the expansion of the "Green Classroom" outline and decided, based on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, to expand its implementation.

Starting next Sunday, the outline will be extended to green and yellow cities in full, including kindergartens and day care centers.

For orange and red cities, a separate outline will be formulated by the Ministries of Health and Education and will be presented soon.

According to the agreement, in the afternoon, students participating in the "Green Classroom" outline will not participate in multi-participant activities that do not include the students of the class and will not enter places where the green pass applies.

This is in order to reduce the chances of infection and maintain the health of the students, while keeping the education system open.

Monday’s discussion was attended by the Minister of Health, the Minister of Education, the Director General of the Ministry of Health, the Director General of the Ministry of Education, the Coronavirus Project Manager, the Head of Public Health Services at the Ministry of Health, the Commander of the Home Front Command, the head of the budgets at the Ministry of Finance, the Deputy Attorney General and other professionals.