Israeli combat aircraft
Israeli combat aircraftIDF Spokesperson

While the Biden Administration is attempting to bring the Iranians back to the negotiating table, Israel has approved the budget package for building an attack capability against Iran's nuclear program amounting to about NIS 5 billion, Channel 12 News reported.

The budget that will fund the Israeli project to build the attack capabilities will consist of NIS 3 billion in the current state budget and another NIS 2 billion in the next budget.

The budget also includes the financing of aircraft of various types, intelligence gathering capabilities such as satellites, and dedicated and unique armament to enable this attack.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, the US Air Force published photos from an experiment it conducted that is closely linked to the IDF.

It was also reported that through the publication of the photos, the US is trying to signal to the Iranians to return to negotiations or risk a military strike.