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Since 2013, The Shabbos Project, known by its slogan #Keeping it together, has grown from a local experiment in South Africa to an annual event that unites over 1 million Jews of all stripes and affiliations from the four corners of the globe. Starting with pre-Shabbat challah bakes, through the Shabbat meals and capped by exciting Saturday night concerts, the Shabbos Project has proved itself as a transformative, unifying movement.

This year, in anticipation of Shabbat Vayera, the Shabbos Project in Jerusalem will be expanding its definition of integration and inclusion with unique programs designed for students with special needs from Seeach Sod. Girls with developmental and cognitive disabilities from Seeach Sod’s elementary and high schools as well as women from Seeach Sod’s employment centers will be taking a full and active part in the Shabbos Project, not as guests, but as equal partners.

Starting on Wednesday, October 20, students from the Seeach Sod high school will join the girls of the Darchei Binah seminary for a joint challah bake followed by activities such as decorating challah covers, preparing aprons, and more. A similar program will take place the following day at Seeach Sod’s employment center for women, as well as at the elementary school for girls with complex disabilities.
On Shabbat, Seeach Sod will host women from three of Seeach Sod’s residential homes together with girls from the Ki Tov Sachra seminary for a Shabbos of joy and connection. “Our girls feel greatly enriched by their encounters with the women from Seeach Sod, and the Shabbos Project is one aspect of that,” Chana Ki Tov, principal of Ki Tov Sachra, remarked.

“The world Shabbos Project is all about celebrating our connection rather than our differences because Shabbat belongs to all of us, regardless of our religious affiliation or our developmental or cognitive level,” said Seech Sod’s CEO Rabbi Shimon Levy. “I am delighted and gratified that our students are actively involved in all the events, and I anticipate a Shabbat of true unity for all the Jewish People!”