Oslo Accord handshake Rabin, Arafat
Oslo Accord handshake Rabin, ArafatJNS photo

Yesterday, I received a phone call from my daughter who teaches teenage girls at a religious ulpana.

“Abba, you will be proud of me,” she said.

“Nu?” I asked in suspense. What parent doesn’t enjoy hearing nice things about their children?

“The head of the school asked me to prepare a special day of learning about the murder of Yitzchak Rabin for his memorial day next week. He wants me to talk about the atmosphere of incitement and hatred which preceded the murder, and about the need for tolerance and unity.

I told him I wouldn’t do it. I said I would speak about our Matriarch Rachel instead. Her yahrtzeit falls at the same time. But the principal of the school said that I had no choice. It’s a command from the Ministry of Education. All of the teachers have to do it. Even still, I told him no. Aren’t you proud of me?”

I paused before answering.

“Aren’t you proud of me?” she asked again. “I tried to imagine what you would have told him, and I know you wouldn’t agree to such a thing, so that gave me the confidence to say no.”

“You could have said yes and agreed,” I replied.

“What?” she asked, obviously confused.

“You could have spoken about how you can mourn the violent murder of Israel's prime minister and mention the good things he did, while at the same time refrain from glorifying him, elucidating his negative actions and criticizing them instead - while emhasizing that none of that, of course, gives the slightest justification for his assassination.

"You could have spoken about the campaign of incitement and hatred which Rabin and Shimon Peres waged against the settlers of Yesha in preparing the way for the Oslo Accords.

"You could have told them how they ridiculed the idealism of the settlers of Hevron and their pioneer spirit.

"You could have told the girls how Rabin belittled the brave residents of the Golan, calling them ‘propellers’ after the wind propellers on the Heights which produce electricity, as if their protests were full of hot air.

"You could have told them how Peres would scream out at the opponents of his peace plan, labeling them ‘Messianic crazies’ and ‘obstacles to peace.’

"You could have told them how Rabin and Peres and their followers on the Left waged a campaign of slander and hate against Binyamin Netanyahu, the leader of the Right, who fought to foil their treacherous schemes.

"You could tell your students how the Rabin government ordered the police to crack down with violence against anti-Oslo demonstrators, how girls their age were beaten with clubs and trampled with horses.

"You could tell your students how protestors were imprisoned and how Rabin ordered the Shin Bet to plant informers in the settler community to incite people to commit acts of violence so that the Left could justify the lies they spread to the media.

"You could tell the girls about the Shabak stinker ‘Champagne’ and how he handed out photos of Rabin dressed as a Nazi at protests, as if the Right was responsible for the villainous image.

"And tell them how the Shabak, led by Rabin and Peres, ordered the same secret agent ‘Champagne’ to incite Yigal Amir to assassinate the Prime Minister, leading to the entire religious community being blamed (Amir was to be caught red-handed with a gun before he could carry out the nefarious deed).”

My daughter listened without uttering a word. I could hear her breath. “Teach your children well,” the song declares, so I continued.

“And teach them how the Rabin and Peres resurrected a tired and defeated Arafat and spread a red carpet before his limousine, inviting him and his army of terrorists and murderers to take over the Gaza Strip.

"Tell them how the Rabin government handed out hundreds of rifles to the arch-killer Arafat and his band of merry men. Remind your students how much we pleaded with Rabin and Peres not to award the killers with guns. ‘The Arabs will use those rifles to kill Jews!” we warned again and again. ‘DON’T GIVE THEM GUNS!’ our posters begged.

"But Rabin only laughed at us with scorn. ‘I will decide what will be!’ he responded angrily – not against the terrorists but at the Jews who stood in his way.

"And tell the girls how Rabin turned his back on the majority of people in Israel who opposed his reckless plan. Tell them how he bribed Knesset members with cars and high positions to vote to support him when he didn’t have a majority in the Knesset to approve the national betrayal and wholesale abandonment of our Land.

"And finally, tell them about all the thousands of innocent Jews who were murdered by Arafat’s henchmen making a mockery of the Nobel-Prizes of Rabin and Peres. Tell that about the suicide bombers and Egged buses blown apart on city streets all over the country.

"Tell them how the Oslo Agreement was signed with Jewish blood on the White House lawn. Tell them how Rabin and Peres smiled for photographers and then hundreds Jews were laid to rest.”

“Abba!” my daughter cried out, weeping.

“Tell them, my sweet daughter,” I repeated. “Tell them the whole truth. Let our children know!”