Hamas-organized protests on the border between Gaza and Israel
Hamas-organized protests on the border between Gaza and IsraelAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

The Hamas terror group has handed Israel an ultimatum, demanding that the Israeli government cave to several demands if it wishes to avoid another round of conflict with Gaza, Mako reported, quoting the Arabic al-Ain newspaper.

One of the demands is that Israel pass eight million dollars from the Qatari funds to Hamas members, in order to pay their salaries.

The money must be transferred by Tuesday, the report said.

Another of Hamas' demands is that Israel increase the number of Gazans permitted to pass through Israel on their way to Jordan, as well as provide permits for the "family reunification" within Israel of approximately 19,000 Palestinian Authority Arab families and increase the number of Gazans allowed to enter Israel to reach the Palestinian Authority and study in its universities.

Meanwhile, a few hundred Gazans have received work permits for employment in Israel, but the source close to Hamas said the terror group would like a few thousand Gazans to work in Israel.

Hamas also told al-Ain that the terror group does not want to shake up the Israeli government at this time, and that it is interested in the ongoing stability of the current Israeli government.