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A British sociology professor who was fired from the University of Bristol after a lengthy investigation into accusations of anti-Semitism told a recent meeting that Zionism must be “dismantled” so Britain can “move towards socialism.”

According to the Jewish Chronicle, David Miller gave a virtual address to the Labour Campaign for Free Speech (LCFS) group, telling them that “the Labour Party is effectively a prisoner of the Zionist movement and the Israeli state” and saying that he was let go due to a “campaign of harassment and bullying of me... which in the end has been successful.”

The investigation of Miller was opened by the university after complaints were made that the professor accused Jewish students on campus of running a “campaign of censorship” on behalf of the Israeli government, and slandered them as “pawns of a racist regime engaged in ethnic cleansing.”

During his speech, Miller alleged that the “Zionist movement” targeted him because he had “produced quite a substantial evidence base on the role of the Israel lobby, of the Zionist movement more generally, and the role of the Israeli government.”

Miller also said in a recent interview with Iran’s Press TV that he was fired due to a “campaign led by the Israeli government… to silence all of those who would in any way support Palestinian rights.”

The investigation against Miller by the university began in March. He was fired in early October.

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