Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett reacted on Friday afternoon to the farewell event for the head of the Israel Security Agency Nadav Argaman, during which opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu ignored Bennett when he read the list of dignitaries.

"It was a special evening where we said goodbye to a special man. In the waiting room, Nadav told me he misses just taking a tractor and plowing. To perform this one craft perfectly. That’s Nadav. Always brave, always honest and goes into details," Bennett wrote on Facebook.

"Whenever he presented me with a plan for approval, I knew it was accurate in every detail. I regretted the dissonance in such a statesmanlike and moving event. I was not the only one moving uncomfortably in his chair there. I hope the opposition leader understands that political disagreements are natural. Disagreements are part of life. But challenging the legitimacy of a government in Israel is a dangerous thing."

The Likud responded and said, "Bennett is so 'statesmanlike' that he 'forgot' to mention Prime Minister Netanyahu at the memorial service for President Peres and in the ceremony marking the anniversary of the historic peace agreements that the Prime Minister worked to bring, thanks to which the ministers of the government fly endlessly to the Gulf states. As for Bennett's statement on challenging the legitimacy of democracy, it is always good not to forget what he said only a few months ago."

Netanyahu's associates had claimed that Bennett was the one who took a shot Netanyahu earlier in his speech, when he said that "from now on we are in the age of us, and no longer in the age of me." A source close to Netanyahu said: "When Bennett takes political digs in a state ceremony aimed at former Prime Minister Netanyahu, he will not come later with allegations of lack of statesmanship."

The Prime Minister's Office also chose to omit the remarks against Netanyahu from Bennett's statements that were circulated to the media.

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