Toboroff and Pillip
Toboroff and PillipCindy Grosz

There are two first-time candidates who can win over Democrats, Independents and other Republicans. They are running on Jewish values—and common sense.

Most women pregnant with twins and with five young children at home would prefer to get help and stay in bed. Not, Mazi Pilip. A former IDF soldier, she took her experiences in the military and later as a mother of a child who was the victim of anti-Semitism to grassroots activism and is now a candidate from Great Neck, New York.

She is running for a seat for North Hempstead County Legislator, District 10.

Jackie Toboroff is the first Republican woman to match funds for campaign finance in a New York City Council race. Toboroff was born and raised in Manhattan and it’s the only place she’s ever called home. Rather than abandon the city like many of her friends, Jackie wants to fight to bring New York back so her kids can one day experience the same great New York she grew up in. Jackie is the single mom of two kids.

She is running in Manhattan’s City Council, District 1.


It’s easy to see why both candidates are getting attention. Both are taking their campaigns seriously. If you look at their social media, they are everywhere, meeting their constituents, discussing the issues and supporting the other candidates running on their tickets. Their messages resonate with people from all backgrounds and political parties.

Both are running on supporting law enforcement and fighting critical race theory and advocating for school choice. Toboroff has been outspoken about her opposition to Mayor DeBlasio’s decision to end the Talented and Gifted programs in the New York City Department of Education. Both have ideas to lower taxes and improve their neighborhood economies. Both stand with small business owners and restaurant owners.

Both have the endorsements of their Republican and Conservative County Chairs. Pilip is endorsed by both current and former Congressmen Lee Zeldin and Peter King from Long Island. Toboroff is endorsed by Bernard Kerik, former New York Police Commissioner.

A Black Jew Can Make History

Mazi was born in Ethiopia in 1979. In 1991, when she was twelve, her family fled the conditions there and made Aliyah to Israel as part of Operation Solomon. The operation was conducted during a cease fire in the Ethiopian Civil War by the United States and Israeli military.

After completing her IDF Army service as a paratrooper and gunsmith, she then attended Haifa University where she continued her passion for community service by acting as chairperson of the National Ethiopian Israeli Students Organization.

After completing her Executive Master’s Program in Diplomacy and Security at Tel Aviv University, she began her internship with the United Nations.

Pilip decided to get involved in politics after her school-grade son came home crying one day and told her he was made fun of on a school baseball field because he was Jewish. She lives in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. She immediately met with local leaders and impressed them enough to back her campaign and introduce her to leaders. She has spent every Shabbos in a different shul and has been honored in local organization events.

Toboroff’s community includes parts of Wall Street, Tribeca and Chinatown. She too is familiar with anti-Semitism as a witness of graffiti and name calling.

Toboroff is defying the Jewish Republican stereotype of being Orthodox or Hasidic. However, she credits her strong family ties to her Jewish roots and identity.

One of her goals as a City Councilwoman is to oppose BDS and educate the majority of members, who will be democratic elected officials, many of them progressive, about the importance of fighting anti-Semitism and supporting Israel.

Jewish Vote GOP

Jewish Vote GOP is one of the fastest growing national grassroots groups educating the population on candidates and issues on local, state and national issues. Both Jackie Toboroff and Mazi Pilip are endorsed.

In New York, other Jewish candidates are endorsed too. Erik Frankel, City Council Candidate, District 38, which includes parts of Borough Park and Sunset Park, is a small business owner with generations of family in the area. So is Benjamin Geller, Candidate for Dutchess County Legislator District 4. He is also Director of Strategy for Today is America.

Other Candidates in New York to follow: Joann Ariola, City Council Candidate, District 32, Vanessa Simon (Far Rockaway), City Council Candidate, District 31, Felicia Kaplan, City Council Candidate, District 22, John McQuade, Long Beach City Council

Most important: Get Out and Vote!

Vote Early 10/23-10/31

Vote By Mail: absentee ballot requests must be received by 10/18 or in person at Board of Elections by 11/1

Vote Election Day Tuesday 11/2

Cindy Grosz is the host of Cindy’s Political Corner which can be downloaded through iHeartRadio, Spotify and all major podcast outlets. She is the chair of Jewish Vote GOP. She can be reached at [email protected]