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Dental telehealth has been the newest advance in the dentistry industry. According to the National Library of Medicine, it may be understood that teledentistry indicates the use of new telehealth systems and practices with regards to teeth concerns and cosmetic dental enhancements that could be achieved remotely. These contemporary advancements include a wide variety of technologies and tactics that have the potential to deliver both cosmetic and pressing concerns about anything to do in the dental health care sector. Dental telehealth products and services may even be available to dental insurance plans, which may be researched through the insurance orthodontics guide on the official Smile Prep website.

Dental telehealth does not refer to one specific service but rather a collection of new market tools, products, and services to enhance dental care, consequently cutting out visits to dental offices. With the use of information technology, individuals who want to potentially take their dental health more seriously should understand that telehealthcare is the remote facilitating of dental care, guidance, and treatments via various dental service providers and virtually accessible dentists. This new advancement in telehealth has proved to be incredibly beneficial, especially since the covid-19 global pandemic outbreak. It does not require face-to-face contact with a dentist and patient but has the capacity to allow for diagnosis, consultation plans, and potential treatment to be fully developed remotely and therefore accessible to anyone.

Invisalign Losing out to Innovative Newcomers in the Market

When Invisalign originally found its way into the dental market, it was a revolutionary product that promised straightened teeth and the ideal smile; it was a fantastic solution for those looking to improve their dental care. However, many other alternative companies have come into the dental telehealth industry who potentially offer the same services that may be achieved through remote care and guidance but more affordable, quicker, and accessible to anyone looking to enhance their grin.

With innovative headways in the rise of telehealth, it may potentially be more convenient than ever for people desiring a charming smile. Traditionally individuals were required to go to an orthodontist's offices, where the only way to adjust crooked teeth was to install metal braces that cost both valuable time and a lot of money. However, with modern methods and devices such as removable clear aligners, these advances in teledentistry may possibly eliminate a visit to the dentist and potentially save patients thousands of dollars.

Telehealth Solutions in Comparison to Traditional Dentistry

Dental telehealth has advanced and progressed tremendously in recent years, with dental health and care progressions comparable to real-time traditional dentist consultations. These new tools and services on the market, like clear home teeth alignment kits, grant access to people who may not afford to go to a traditional orthodontist but still yearn for a perfectly straight smile.

Ashley G. from Semmes had this review about Byte: “I chose Byte because it was affordable and the treatment time was fast. They have exceeded my expectations! I wanted to fix my gap and my overbite. The first couple of days they did hurt but after that, you don’t even feel them. Now, I love to smile and I do it with confidence. I’ve gotten so many compliments. Customer support alone has been by my side since day one checking in on me and I like that. Thank you Byte!”

People in contemporary society are constantly on the move, however, they want to have accessibility to modern ways and methods of improving their health. Improvements such as clear aligners may potentially be the most helpful appliance of dental telehealth, improving the world for the working class citizens that want to potentially obtain access to dental alterations but don't have the money to spend. With more sophisticated 3D printing methods now available, clear teeth alignment companies can create custom-made plastic retainers and aligners which have been replacing traditional braces that were used by orthodontists for decades.

The Drawback of Traditional Invisalign and the Advantages of Clear Alignement Home Kits

Although Invisalign may be an industry leader in the clear alignment treatment game, it may potentially not be the most suitable solution for everyone. Invisalign was initially introduced as an alternative to metal braces offered by many orthodontists and general dentists; nevertheless, it comes with daunting costs and frequent visits to the dentist. The three main drawbacks of Invisalign include cost, time-consuming treatment, and discipline. The average treatment may potentially cost between $3 000 to $8 000 depending on what the patient requires accordingly. Invisalign treatment usually needs 12-18 months of regularly scheduled appointments to monitor progress. It requires individuals to exercise discipline in wearing the aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day and only removing them to eat, drink or brush teeth.

Advantages of new teledentistry, for people with mild cases of misalignment, remote treatments can often achieve comparable results to traditional, in-office orthodontic treatments. These advances in telehealth within the dentistry industry are viable options and affordable alternatives that are both more accessible and revolutionary. Alternative companies work directly with orthodontists in order to create treatment plans that are both credible and safe to use.

There is hope not to go into any physical orthodontist office, for those looking for more reasonable and suitable treatment options. Smile Prep understands that pursuing dental treatment may feel confusing and stressful, which is why they provide guides and genuine customer reviews for people to take a confident step towards educated decisions with regards to improving their smiles.

Although it may be a small division of the healthcare system, dentistry is significant in present-day society, but with the current covid-19 pandemic, it is important to consider alternatives to traditional dentistry.

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