Charity - the root of all
Charity - the root of all iStock

Jewish philanthropist Harold Grinspoon, an American real estate developer, has become the 2,000th person to sign the Jewish Future Pledge, a commitment to leave 50 percent of his estate to causes and organizations that support the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

The Jewish Future Pledge, which began in 2020, is open to anyone who wants to help strengthen the future of the Jewish people, regardless of age, background, net worth or how much they plan to leave to philanthropic causes.

The program has grown rapidly with Jewish organizations across North America, Israel, the UK and South America.

“I want future generations to experience a world that allows them to embrace their Jewish roots, find meaning in Jewish living, and stand tall with pride,” said Grinspoon during his signing ceremony. “We must cultivate philanthropic giving to secure the future of the Jewish programs and organizations that are the fabric of our community.”

The Jewish Future Pledge describes itself as a “worldwide movement inspiring Jews of all backgrounds to commit that from the charity they leave at their passing, no matter how large or small, at least half is earmarked to support the Jewish people and/or the State of Israel.”

“During my lifetime and upon my passing, nearly all my assets will be directed to the Harold Grinspoon Foundation so that together with other philanthropic partners we can strengthen and grow the Jewish community through welcoming, engaging and stimulating opportunities for connection with our Jewish tradition and with one another,” Grinspoon said.

Jewish Future Pledge Founder Mike Leven said that he was honored that Grinspoon was the 2,000th signer of the pledge.

“These pledgers are helping to ignite a surge in Jewish pride and proving that they care about sustaining the Jewish people,” Leven said. “I am thrilled to see the rapid growth of pledgers joining our movement. The community we have built is proof of just how bright the Jewish future can be through our unified commitment to one another and the next generations.”

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