Abeba Darsakh
Abeba Darsakhno credit

The taxi driver who drove the Golani soldier who jumped from the moving vehicle on Road 6 and died of his wounds told Channel 13 News that the soldier received dozens of phone calls during the trip.

Pvt. Abeba Darsakh, a trainee in the Golani Brigade, was critically injured when he leapt from the taxi as it travelled on the highway earlier this week and died of his injuries late Tuesday night.

"He was in terrible distress. I do not know who called him and who harassed him dozens of times until he decided to answer. That call ended him," the taxi driver claimed.

The military police investigator is continuing to investigate the circumstances of the incident and the assessment is that the soldier was in personal distress and therefore committed suicide.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the soldier, who did not find himself in the army, fled home and was persuaded to return to his base. He took a taxi to the base, got a phone call, then jumped out during the ride.

Military correspondent Roi Sharon tweeted: "What happened to him before he decided to commit suicide in such a way? Who called him, and what did he tell him that scared him so much? Last night he died."