Girls come to hear about the army
Girls come to hear about the armyAluma
Anyone who visited the IDF absorption and selection base in Tel Hashomer yesterday (Tuesday) might have been confused and thought he had arrived at a Bnei Akiva camp: long rows of religious young women marched from the base gates to a huge shed that for a moment seemed too small to hold them all.

More than 1,300 young women from religious schools responded to the IDF's invitation, coming to see the positions offered to them by the army. This includes Atudah, search and rescue, the navy, the air force, teaching positions, and more.

The event was attended by Brigade General Amir Vadmani, head of the IDF Manpower Directorate's Planning and Research Department, Officer Col. Alon Matzliach, and head of regular service Lt. Col. Eran Granot.

Rabbi David Stav, chairman of the Rabbinical Association Tzohar, told the young women: "It is an exciting moment witnessing hundreds of girls directing their lives for next two years serve Israeli society, to serve the State of Israel. They understand that their responsibility is to come and be a part of the effort of previous generations."

Rabbi Stav added, "I call on you to be public messengers, not only of our community but for thousands of years - for the generations who wanted to see the State of Israel established. I bless you that you will sanctify God's name in your holy work, just like your predecessors, like those who will come after you, who will be part of a glorious tradition of the people of Israel living and serving according to the Torah in the Land of Israel. "

Dr. Tami Halamish Eisenman, CEO of "Aluma", spoke with the girls and said: "Everyone has the right to choose where and in what framework to serve. The high attendance of women today indicates that these are value-based youth who are interested in contributing to Israeli society and integrating into a significant role, and it is our duty to provide relevant and up-to-date information that presents the variety of options available. "