Tamir Yedai
Tamir YedaiIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Major General Tamir Yedai took over on Tuesday as Commanding Officer of the Ground Forces, replacing Major General Yoel Strick, who served in the position for about two and a half years. Major General Strick will serve as a research fellow at the JINSA Research Institute.

A ceremony to mark the occasion was held at the "Tel Nof" Base. In attendance were the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Aviv Kohavi, members of the General Staff Forum, commanders, soldiers, family members and other guests.

Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Aviv Kohavi, said, "Relevance is the purpose of the existence of any organization. The challenge is to change before the battle, which is what we are working for. To that end, we have formulated a concept for victory through the Multi-Year ‘Momentum’ Plan. The changes the IDF is undergoing in general, and the Ground Forces in particular, are aimed at the purpose of relevance.”

“The Ground Forces, under your command, Yoel, offers a fighting model and methods that provide a solution to the profound change that is taking place on the battlefield. The test of war is not what capabilities we use - through maneuvering or fire, but the results we achieve. When we need to only activate a maneuver we will activate it and when we need to activate only fire for attack and defense we will only activate them.”

“The IDF continues to improve the abilities of all the forces and combines the forces and dimensions to develop and strengthen each other. The information, intelligence and targets currently available to both maneuvering and regional brigades are exceptional. Each maneuvering brigade has its own intelligence corps, made up of the best minds in the Intelligence Directorate. The commanders' training is evolving and expanding in breadth. Regular maneuvering units have been supplied with sophisticated equipment, advanced means, increased manpower and enhanced strike capabilities alongside dedicated field positions who are increasingly filling the ranks of the units. All of these changes make the maneuvering forces powerful with capabilities that do not exist in any other military in the world,” said Kohavi.

“The one who brought this concept to the Ground Forces, and the one who worked very hard to make it effective, is you Yoel. Establishing combat exercises, increasing the scope of capabilities to the operational edge and impressive leadership in the establishment of the multidimensional unit, which realizes the concept of future operation for victory. On my behalf and on behalf of the entire IDF, I thank you for your great contribution to Israel's security and wish you much success."

"Tamir, today you take command of the Ground Forces, and with it comes a great commitment to relevance, improving maneuverability and the ability to combine readiness with change. You are a talented and professional officer, with rich operational experience and are a practical and purposeful man. I trust you and wish you much success. I know you will lead the Ground Forces to new heights. We have a heavy responsibility to continue adapting to the challenges of the moment, to prepare the force for both present and future wars, and to meet the ultimate test - the test of relevance," concluded the Chief of Staff.

Outgoing Commanding Officer of the Ground Forces, Major General Yoel Strick, said, "Over the last two and a half years I have had the privilege of leading you, the people of the Ground Forces. This has been the most complex and significant part of my military service. Together, we designed the concept of multi-dimensional maneuvering, which strengthens multi-armed integration and multi-dimensional combat. We made the IDF's momentum more focused and lethal. I look with pride at the collaborations we have deepened, which have given birth to new capabilities and innovative combat methods and maneuvers, that will unprecedentedly intensify the pace of IDF superiority, in any arena at any time. I am also proud that we have increased the scope and quality of training."

"When we decide to launch a maneuver, at the right time, our enemies will be met with effective, coordinated, and lethal forces equipped with advanced capabilities.”

“To you, the Chief of the General Staff, thank you for your trust and support. For the manner in which you lead the IDF and the deep concern for the branch and its people. I appreciate you very much. Tamir, this is the third time I have passed the command to you, and there is no one better suited at this moment to take command of the Ground Forces and to march it forward. Finally, to the tens of thousands of combat soldiers and combat support, the technological and professional service members in mandatory, career and reserve duty, I send you my deepest appreciation. Thank you all and good luck."

Incoming Commanding Officer of the Ground Forces, Major General Tamir Yadai, said, “I take on the command of the Ground Force with a sense of mission and responsibility. I am ready and willing for the leadership and professional challenge of leading the branch in the complex reality we all face. I would like to thank you, the Chief of the General Staff, for your choice and for your trust. I am aware of the magnitude of the moment, I recognize the responsibility you have placed with me. I promise to act wisely and judiciously, to measure my steps carefully, to understand the significance and centrality of the Ground Forces in every possible scenario.”

“To the outgoing commander of the Ground Forces, Yoel my friend. I have always seen you as an exemplary officer, professional, thorough and of the best values ​​we have in the IDF."

"I believe that despite the challenging period in which you commanded the branch, the future will be a testimony to how great your achievements were, and how significant your period of command over the Ground Forces was. I am grateful and cherish the right to command the Ground Forces out of great faith in the ability of the branch and its people to stand firm in the face of any task, of any challenge, that the future will bring us. Surely, together we can meet any challenge.”