Award winners: David, white shirt. Deon gray shirt, Gulieta, with scarf
Award winners: David, white shirt. Deon gray shirt, Gulieta, with scarfNational Bnei Akiva

The“Hayinu Kecholmim” (Like dreamers) Award was granted today to three Olim, Gulieta, David and Dion.

These three, graduates of the global Bnei Akiva movement, received the award for their Zionist activities in Israel and in their communities of origin even after their Aliyah to Israel.

As part of Aliyah Day, the National Bnei Akiva Movement is holding an event, saluting its graduates who immigrated to Israel, where the badge "We were like dreamers" is awarded. The award is given annually to a number of graduates selected following the recommendations of a local committee and serves as evidence and appreciation for the continued work of the movement's graduates who immigrated to Israel and continue to work in the field of Zionism in Israel and their communities of origin.

This year, as mentioned, three were chosen for the award. Gulieta Duak, 21, from Givat Shmuel, who moved from Argentina this year. According to her, she made Aliyah to Israel out of ideals and made the decision to immigrate during the training she did with the movement in Israel. Her dream is to continue to help young immigrants find their way.

The committee's reasons read: "The award is given for her contribution in establishing a Bnei Akiva branch in La Casa in Buenos Aires and resuming activities in Argentina.

"Since immigrating to Israel, she has been working to build a training program from Latin America, believing in the importance of the programs and their role in strengthening local communities on the one hand and encouraging immigration on the other."

Dion Asterman, 33, from Jerusalem, made Aliyah in 2018 from Melbourne, Australia. Dion believes that the Zionist education he received in his community, at school, in Bnei Akiva and in Maccabi, is what led him to decide and immigrate to Israel.

His dream is to build and establish communities in Israel and the Diaspora. In the certificate he received, the committee members wrote that the award was given "for his contribution to the movement over the years and for his membership in the National Council since his Aliyah. For his activity and contribution to the alumni department in the movement and his willingness to happily assist in any task that is requested."

David Zvuluni, 26, lives in Petah Tikva and immigrated to Israel from Italy. In David's view, Zionism is a word that is not used enough today, but it is the one that made him immigrate to Israel.

"Zionism - a certain lack of belonging to the charming place where I lived before, and a strong desire to live in our State of Israel," he explained.

He immigrated to Israel during the days of Operation Protective Edge through the Bnei Akiva Training Program and felt happy. After that, he served in the IDF, graduated and studied for a bachelor's and master's degree.

David is involved in the field of communication and through this tool takes care of connecting his community of origin to what is happening in Israel. The reasons for awarding the award read: "For integration into an influential position in the Israeli press and constantly writing in the local press of the Italian community about what is happening in Israel from current events through culture and history and thus strengthening the connection between external communities and Israel. For his perseverance in contact with the branch in Milan and with the Italian emissaries and his influence on the next generation."

The movement's secretary-general, Ohad Tal, said excitedly, "The recipients of the award are the pillar in front of the camp, in their actions and deeds they are an example and role model for the other members of the movement in the world. We see them as a model and salute the brave step they have taken. We choose to honor them on Aliyah day and show our appreciation for their work."

The movement's deputy secretary-general, Efrat Metzler, who is also in charge of the Immigrants - Alumni Department, said: "We are proud of our graduates, who, like our ancestor Abraham at the time, heard the great call 'Go to you'- left home, family and friends and chose to come to Israel and be an active part of the Zionist story in the State of Israel."