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When you are designing your home, it is important to place everything carefully in its place to achieve a cohesive look. You do not want to end up with a space that is overwhelmed with too many details or underutilized. To ensure you have a lovely home, here are some common interior design mistakes to avoid.

Buying The Wrong Sized Furniture

Depending on the size of your space, you need to get the right-sized furniture. There are spaces that will not go well with oversized furniture, while others cannot handle small furniture. That means you need to factor in the space you have and the atmosphere you want to create. From there, you can figure out which size is suitable for a room and the number of pieces of furniture that you need. While you may get away with an oversized sofa, if you combine it with an oversized armchair and lounger, it will not give you a good look. As Jerry Pinkas Real Estate suggests, everything needs to be the right size to create balance.

Putting Too Much In A room

Avoid adding too many things to one room as you will overcrowd a space or make it feel and look cluttered. This is especially important when designing a great room. Even your other rooms can do with just enough furniture and décor pieces. You should also be careful not to overdo other things like paint, trim, patterns, and interior columns. If you overdo them, you may end up with an interior that is ‘too much’ before you even start adding décor pieces. Even for people who love maximalism, be careful not to overwhelm a space.

Using The Same Height for Everything

If everything is the same height in a room, everything is on one visual plane, making a space feel uninteresting. You should include décor pieces and furniture of different sizes. For instance, add a cabinet or bookcase and consider a unique lighting fixture to make a statement. When you add a few levels in space, you eliminate boredom and enhance the general atmosphere of a room.

Focusing Too Much on Trends

As much as interior design trends can be inspiring, make sure you are not too caught up. Trends will come and go, but not all of them will look good in your home. It is not wise to incorporate something into your home because it is trending, especially if it does not make sense. Trends can be your source of inspiration but tread carefully not to overwhelm your home.

Shying Away from Color or Adding Too Much

If you shy away from color, your room will be too neutral, giving a cold and sterile look and feel. On the other hand, when you do too much color, it becomes overwhelming. If you want to go with neutral colors, ensure they are warm and inviting. If you choose bold colors, ensure they bring a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Designing your interiors is where most people go wrong. Therefore, avoid these mistakes if you want to end up with a home you will love and enjoy every time you walk in.

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