Speaking from the inauguration of former Israeli Ambassador David M. Friedman's new Friedman Center in Jerusalem, Attorney Mark Zell called the Abraham Accords one of the "many amazing achievements of the Trump administration."

"I'm so delighted David has put this together in order to continue the momentum he created," Zell said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

He praised the center for the future impact it will have in furthering the Abraham Accords.

"The essential thing about this center is the idea of the Abraham Accords. These agreements have changed the face of the Middle East. Frankly, they changed the face of the world," Zell said. "And if we continue to build on the institution of the Abraham Accords, we can achieve exciting things in our region for the benefit of all people, Arabs, Jews and others."

While the Accords began during the Trump administration, Zell is not looking back to the past with nostalgia.

"The future is here now. This is the future. This is not some kind of token from the past. This is about the time to come," he said.

However, there is a fear in the air that while the Biden administration has stated its intention to continue with the Accords, it might instead make a u-turn.

Zell pointed to the closed PA Jerusalem consulate that the Biden administration has been planning to get reopened.

One of the "great achievements of the Trump administration" was moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and closing the Jerusalem consulate.

"That it now is being overturned [with] the BIden administration pushing the Israeli government to make a u-turn on this," Zell said. "Our response is 'Hell no. That's not the way to go.' We can't let America reverse on that."

Zell, the chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel, is also looking forward to the GOP taking back Congress in 2022, and if the Republicans win the White house in 2024, sees a role for former Ambassador Friedman.

"David Friedman has a role to play in the future. And I'd be the first one to endorse that," Zell said.

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