Haaretz account hacked
Haaretz account hacked screenshot from Instagram

An anonymous hacker managed to break into the official Instagram account of the Haaretz newspaper today (Monday), and do whatever he pleases.

The hacker changed the profile picture of the Instagram account, and shared many random pictures of people in pilot uniforms.

"If you happened to visit our Instagram in the last half hour, you were probably surprised by the man man who appeared on our account," Haaretz wrote on its Twitter account. "Well, this is not an employee who decided to show himself but some kind of break-in. We'll get back to normal soon."

The digital division of the Kan news organization decided to express sympathy with Haaretz, and shared many photos of Ramzi Abd Ramzi, the protagonist of the 'Cupa Rashit' series, and wrote: "We stand with our colleagues in Haaretz." Haaretz responded: "Kan is home, Kan is our heart."

Nebo Trabelsi, Globes' technology correspondent, took the opportunity to go over how to properly secure one's Instagram account. "This is a great opportunity to mention the public recommendation for 2-step verification of your accounts," he wrote.

"What is 2-step verification? Apart from the password that guards the account, this is another verification mechanism with the help of an app or an SMS message to your mobile number. We wish success to our colleagues and hope that it will be resolved soon."

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