Ron Arad in captivity
Ron Arad in captivity Flash 90

The Arabic-language website 'Independent Arabia' published new details over the weekend about the abduction and interrogation of an Iranian general that Israel allegedly carried out during the search for Ron Arad.

The report, quoting senior Iranian officials, claimed that "the Mossad abducted a former Quds Force official nicknamed 'Sabri' who was supposed to have had information about Arad's fate."

The general had been sent by Iran to Lebanon in the 1980s and helped train the forces that would eventually establish the terrorist organization Hezbollah. He then served in the Iranian Quds Force and in recent years advised the Syrian regime's forces.

'Sabri', Iranian sources claim, was abducted in Damascus a few weeks ago. He had not been concerned about his safety as he lived near the Iranian embassy and had a routine that included daily jogs. During one of the jogs, an unidentified group of people grabbed him, put him in a car and drove off.

The newspaper also claimed that "the general was brought to Israel and interrogated intensively and at the end of the investigation was transferred to Johannesburg, South Africa, where he was released near the Iranian embassy," equipped with the embassy's telephone number.

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