Nuclear facility in Iran
Nuclear facility in IranReuters

Iran currently has amassed 120 kilograms (264.56 lbs) of uranium enriched to at least 20%, Iran's official IRNA news agency reported.

A minimum of 120 kilograms is necessary in order to manufacture an atomic bomb, and the milestone is a violation of the 2015 nuclear agreement, otherwise known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

According to the report, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Chairman Mohammad Eslami on Saturday said, "We have passed 120 kilograms. We have more than that figure."

"Our people know well that [western powers] were meant to give us the enriched fuel at 20% to use in the Tehran reactor, but they haven’t done so. If our colleagues do not do it, we would naturally have problems with the lack of fuel for the Tehran reactor.

"Our nuclear program is intended for use for peaceful purposes, and we concern ourselves only with our national interests."

Last month, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that Iran had enriched 84.3 kilograms of uranium to 20%. That same month, the IAEA confirmed that Iran was preventing inspectors from replacing the memory cards of equipment used to monitor operations at an Iranian centrifuge facility.

In August, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz (Blue and White) warned that Iran was just ten weeks away from being able to develop a nuclear bomb.