Naftali Bennett and Mansour Abbas
Naftali Bennett and Mansour Abbas Danny Shem Tov/Knesset Spokesperson

How: The smallest party has the largest influence. Mansour Abbas and his four seat Arab Ra'am party are the puppet masters pulling the strings of Naftali Bennett.

Learn: The real reason why Israel has adopted the Norwegian Law; and it's not to free Ministers to have more time for their departmental duties.

Hear: A 19-year-old law student arguing in a mature way at a Cambridge University debate that Israel is a rogue state, in a way that you would least expect; and you will love it. Must not miss.

Also: The overt anti-Israel decision by the British Foreign Office. Hear the unbelievable truth of institutional anti-Semitism in the UK government

Plus: Why Walter criticizes a pro-Israel friendly American activist.

And: Three coins in the fountain.

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