Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'ar Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar told Channel 13 News in an interview on Wednesday that he too, like Defense Minister Benny Gantz, was not informed in advance that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett intended to reveal the Mossad's operation to locate information about Ron Arad.

"We need to share and update more, but the Prime Minister is making an effort to make that happen," he said.

The Minister of Justice also said that he estimates that he will bring to a vote the law that prohibits a defendant from forming a government as early as next week.

On the claim that this is a law designed to protect the government from opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, Sa'ar replied that "if mayors and ministers are not allowed to serve with an indictment, then what is personal here?"

Regarding Netanyahu, the Minister of Justice added that "if he is the glue and the government is so bad, it might be time for him to draw conclusions. If Netanyahu had not headed the Likud, another government could have been formed. All elements of the government who come from different positions in terms of worldview understood that a change was needed."

The Likud said in response: "Gideon Sa'ar, who does not pass the electoral threshold [in recent polls], wants to pass an Iran-North Korea-style law that will prevent Benjamin Netanyahu, whom the majority of the public wants as Prime Minister, from running for state leadership. A dictatorship at its best."

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