Mutzlah Badui, dep. mayor of Kafr Qassem
Mutzlah Badui, dep. mayor of Kafr QassemYehonatan Gottlieb

In conversation with Arutz Sheva, Mutzlah Badui, the deputy mayor of Kafr Qassem, insisted that recent violent events in his town are the exception to the rule.

Badui’s comments were made on Tuesday, shortly before MKs Itamar Ben Gvir and May Golan were due to arrive for a visit to Kafr Qassem, in order to stage a protest outside the town hall against the attack on Israeli police officers in the town last week. The attack was perpetrated by security guards who, Ben Gvir and Golan alleged, were militiamen attached to the Islamic Movement and actually ordered by the municipality to attack police.

“I will go out to greet them and tell them: Welcome to Kafr Qassem,” Badui said. For his part, Ben Gvir told Arutz Sheva that he was willing to meet with the mayor and his deputy.

“The security guards are not just one or two people,” Badui noted. “They are a company that helps people sleep peacefully at night, helps people to go to work in peace. If we didn’t have them working here, there would be a lot of problems in the town. They prevent a lot of murders, a lot of fights,” he added. “They’re good people – you’re making them out to be something much worse than they are, like portraying a fly as a bear. What happened here last week could have happened anywhere, but it was an exceptional case. Things like that don’t usually happen, here or anywhere else.”