attempt to frame settlers
attempt to frame settlersscreenshot

B'Tzelem activist Basel al-Aderah was involved in an attempt to accuse right-wing activists of setting fire to a building which was in fact set ablaze by Palestinian Arabs, Channel 12 News reported.

According to testimony from the forces on the ground, during a riot by right-wing activists, Arabs tried to set fire to an structure and began shouting at a photographer accompanying them that Jews and soldiers had burned their homes.

But an officer who was at the scene and saw with his own eyes the arson attempt made it clear that the side responsible for the arson was the Arabs.

The head of the Mount Hebron Regional Council, Yochai Damari, responded to the publication. "The video clarifies who came to incite, who came to destroy and who for a long time has come to change the narrative and influence the High Court judges who are supposed to decide on the petition to remove them from the live-fire area which they invaded."

"Once an Arab was caught knocking himself down and sending pictures to the whole world as if he had been hit. And another time another Palestinian was caught setting fire to his own equipment warehouse and shouting that the Jews had caused it. If there were no cameras, then these provocations would be believed everywhere. I demand an immediate stop to all the quarrelsome instigators and the perpetrators of the provocations, such as the one photographed in the article who is known to the security forces," Damari said.

The Ad Kan organization stated that "we are not surprised by the exposure in which B'Tzelem activist set fire to a Palestinian structure while shouting that Jews did so, in accordance with the organization's policy of discrediting soldiers and settlers. This is another B'Tzelem blood libel against settlers and IDF soldiers. We call on the law enforcement authorities to prosecute the arsonist from B'Tzelem. As we have previously revealed, a key B'Tzelem employee in the same area was involved in the exposure of a Palestinian land seller to the security of the Palestinian precinct."

"It is important that the public and law enforcement agencies understand that this is an organization that produces violent provocations and should be treated accordingly," the organization added.