Linoy Ashram
Linoy AshramArutz Sheva

Linoy Ashram, the Israeli rhythmic gymnast who won the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics this year, spoke to Arutz Sheva in the Knesset after a festive ceremony held in the legislature in honor of the Olympic delegation, which brought home a historic number of medals from the Olympic games.

"This is my first time in the Knesset and it is fun to receive recognition from Knesset members and the government because I feel that they support us and are very happy with our success," Ashram said.

When asked if her life changed after she won the medal she replied: "My life has changed. While they knew me before the medal, now they really stop me on the street and cars stop next to me and people tell me how they felt when they saw me win and how happy I was."

Ashram said that she also wants to pass on her success to young men and women who are interested in going into gymnastics. "I see a lot of girls starting to sign up for gymnastics classes and it's fun to inspire young people, engage in sports and persevere in it. I would love to get to know and help any kid who wants to advance in this field."

What is her next goal? "In the meantime I have returned to training, the next Olympics is still a long way off and I am enjoying the moment."