Protester holds up hand torn from King Louis XVI statue
Protester holds up hand torn from King Louis XVI statueReuters

So Tucker Carlson, I notice, is in the news. Seems that the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt wants him fired…for being critical of Jews?

Not at all.

Haitians…migrants…illegals…the ADL is sympathetic with more coming in. Tucker wants less.

Tucker is worried about the influx, and that at this rate, America as we know it will be deluged out of existence.

I agree with Tucker, and find it odd that an organization, the ADL, that was founded to protect Jews, instead runs cover for groups that are none of its business.

Nor is it proper or polite or decent for Greenblatt to call for Tucker to be fired from Fox News over a disagreement. It is disgusting…but par for Liberal hysteria.

Does this mean we’re in the clear? We have it made? We are safe? There’s no more anti-Semitism? There is plenty. Let Greenblatt explain why he is so busy kissing up elsewhere.

Or likeminded Geraldo, who says the migrants need our support because unlike the Jews, “they have no friends, rabbis, or fixers.”

To which I responded, “So where were they, you dumb klutz, for the Six Million who perished?”

Onward, I agree with Tucker about losing America over open borders. ..covered elaborately in this book, a thriller from NYC to Jerusalem.

Plus here for the Krav Maga chapter celebrated by practitioners and fans of Israeli martial arts.

But now I have to admit that I have not been watching Tucker. Been months since I’ve tuned him in and it is not because I disagree with him and his politics.

Just the opposite. I agree with him too much. I agree with him so much that it hurts.

It hurts because we lost.

A headline over a recent op-ed in The New York Times gushes like this – “Cheer up, Liberals, you have the America you wanted.”

On this day, the Cleveland Indians are no more. Cleveland, yes. But Indians, no more. (Don’t you feel safer now?)
Well ain’t that the truth!

Even with Trump in office, doubly so now with Biden, Liberals have been on a warpath to erase everything that might offend somebody, somewhere, anywhere.

Alas, they have succeeded.

On this day, the Cleveland Indians are no more. Cleveland, yes. But Indians, no more. (Don’t you feel safer now?)

Liberals have censored our free speech and opinions, defaced our books, statues, schools, monuments, streets, products wholesale and retail, movies, culture and history.

Often enough, Tucker is brilliant, but nothing he said or did was enough, or is enough, to stop the carnage.

Watching Tucker and some of the others on Fox News, you find yourself nodding in agreement, thinking yes, yes, yes, but saying…so what?

We lost.

Must quickly add…thank goodness we have Fox News otherwise it is all media wasteland.

Over the months and years, through Tucker, and Hannity, and Laura Ingraham, and Mark Levin, we were assured that justice would be done. Just hang in and watch the cesspool that colluded against Trump and against truth and against the American people being shackled and marched off to jail. The Fox News Team is on the case.

They were good. They are good. But not good enough. (Good ratings, but for Cable; nothing that can compete with the falsehoods from CBS, NBC, or ABC.)

Hillary hasn’t been locked up, despite everything we know. We know the Russia Hoax to bring down Trump was largely her doing.

Comey, Clapper, Brennan and other parts of the dirty dozens walk free, write books, give lectures, while Republicans like Paul Manafort, go directly to jail.

For years now, Prosecutor John Durham was expected to shed light on the Russia Hoax. Finally, he has indicted a few people. What will happen to them? Nothing.

Against Democrats, it seldom sticks.

That’s because Democrats are in it for keeps. They will always protect their own, and clobber anyone who dissents. Dissenters are termed racists or domestic terrorists.

Democrats know how to play this game. Republicans need to sharpen up and learn it quick.

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