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Thousands of weapons are stolen from the IDF every year according to the IDF's own data, and it is possible that the scope of the phenomenon is even wider, Haaretz reported.

According to a document compiled following a freedom of information request, the data on thefts known to the IDF from 2013 to 2020 present a particularly serious picture.

Apart from the actual thefts, the IDF does not carry out an orderly follow-up and the military was not able to trace the data in relation to the weapons until 2015.

The list of stolen weapons and ammunition - even if only partially complete - is a startling document, illustrating the amount of weapons seized by terrorists and various criminal elements.

As of 2020, the trend of theft of anti-tank weapons, explosive devices, grenades, and more is on the rise. This is in addition to the theft of machine guns, pistols, rockets and mines - which have been stolen from IDF bases over the years.

The 'Torat Lehima' organization, which works to promote and maintain the IDF as a victorious Jewish army, and which held a conference of reservists on Arab and Bedouin break-ins at the various IDF bases, reacted sharply to the findings: "Just this week, there was a discussion about bringing the IDF into the mixed and Arab cities in order to create governance, law and order. It is better for Chief of Staff Kochavi and Defense Minister Benny Gantz to provide answers about the entry of weapons thieves into IDF bases for which they are personally responsible."

"When Nablus, Jenin and Hebron are flooded with thousands of weapons aimed day and night at soldiers and settlers - we understand that this is a collapse of values among the government, which is afraid of confronting the Arab sector. The issue of defense of bases is first and foremost the responsibility of the Operations Division, where former Major General Aharon Haliva appeared before the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and claimed that everything was under control," the organization said