MK Galit Distel Atbaryan at the demonstration
MK Galit Distel Atbaryan at the demonstrationArutz Sheva

Around 200 supporters of former premier Benjamin Netanyahu went out to demonstrate on Tuesday morning on Salah Al-Din street in Jerusalem, near the Jerusalem District Court where Netanyahu's trial on corruption charges continues.

The demonstrators were protesting what they say are fabricated claims against the former Prime Minister. Among those present were Likud MKs Galit Distel Atbaryan and Shlomo Karhi.

According to MK Distel Atbaryan, “We’re here to show that we won’t give up the fight. We will continue with this battle, because we know that what’s going on inside the court isn’t a genuine investigation based on truth and justice. It’s not about fighting corruption – it’s simply a political coup.

“We will not remain silent,” she continued. “We won’t be silent when they take away our leader, who was democratically elected at the ballot box. We won’t remain silent when they accuse him of being a criminal. We won’t remain silent and we won’t give up until justice comes to light. The people want justice.”

Distal Atbaryan added that, “Just a few days ago, within these walls behind us, the walls of the court, it emerged that Walla offered a huge bribe to [Prime Minister Naftali] Bennett, a huge bribe that is impossible to deny. They offered him a huge, unprecedented sum in return for him transferring public funds to them. Why isn’t [Attorney-General Avichai] Mandelblit investigating this? Where is Mandelblit? When it isn’t about Bibi, then suddenly, there’s no need to investigate.”