Daycare center (illustrative)
Daycare center (illustrative)iStock

The daycare strike which began Sunday morning continues Monday, as a meeting between representatives of the daycare organizations met with Finance Ministry officials and Economy Minister Orna Barbivay (Yesh Atid).

The meeting did not yield results, Israel Hayom noted.

"The Finance Ministry is willing to discuss weather conditions, climate conditions, but not the conditions of daycare workers' employment," the organizations said, according to Israel Hayom. "Representatives of the Finance Ministry rejected all of the proposals to end the strike and refused to enter into negotiations with the daycare workers."

"With a heavy heart and clean hands, we are forced to continue the strike and the protest. We turn to the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister to intervene in this crisis. We will come, at any time, to any location, in order to hold negotiations which will bring about the end of this strike."

Participating in the strike are daycares from several large chains, including Emunah, WIZO, Na'amat, Herut Women, the Arab Yanbua chain, the Neot Margalit educational chain, and more. The Israel Association of Community Centers and organizations in the haredi community have also expressed full support for daycare workers from other organizations, though they kept their own centers open.

On Sunday, daycares began a strike, protesting daycare providers' working conditions. According to the organizations, each caregiver earns 5,000 shekel ($1,554) per month, and they are collapsing under the burden.

Parallel to the strike, a protest was held Sunday in Tel Aviv.