Eight people were killed in northern Italy Sunday when a plane crashed into an office building outside of Milan.

The accident occurred Sunday afternoon in San Donato Milanese, a small suburb of Milan, when a small, private aircraft crashed into a two-story office building.

All eight people onboard the plane were killed, including two crew members and six passengers. One child was listed among the passengers onboard.

Italian media outlets have reported that the passengers included at least one German national and one French citizen.

The aircraft, a single-engine PC-12, crashed shortly after taking off from Linate Airport in Milan, bound for Olbia Airport on the island of Sardinia.

Firefighters said that the office building struck in the crash was vacant, and thus was empty at the time of the accident. No casualties beyond the passengers and crew have been reported.

In addition to the damage to the office building, a number of cars were damaged or destroyed in the fire sparked by the crash.