Shabtai in Kafr Qassem
Shabtai in Kafr QassemPolice Spokesperson

Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai arrived today (Sunday) at the Kafr Qassem police station, where a special situational assessment is being held after the attack on police officers in the locality over the weekend.

Shabtai spoke with the station's commanders and police officers with the participation of Lt. Gen. David Bitan, Central District Commander Moshe Barkat, Operations Division Chief Avi Bitton, Chief of the Investigation Division Yigal Ben Shalom, Sharon Area Commander Chief of Staff Haim Shmueli and the station command staff.

In his remarks, the commissioner referred to the activities of the police, who, despite the violence used against them, managed to arrest the main suspects in the attack.

"I want to tell everyone that violence against police officers will not deter us from acting anytime and anywhere, not in the Arab sector and not in the face of crime families and not anywhere else. We continue to act with the same professionalism as police officers did on Friday. No such incident will deter us from continuing to act. We want to support and strengthen the police in their daily work. It is not easy to deal with such violence. Most of the residents of Kafr Qassem are very cooperative, very supportive. We need to deal with the non-representative residents, the same criminals who need to be thwarted and arrested," Shabtai said.

"This is a very serious incident of violence, at the end of which the police come out with two detainees, the two dominant criminals. You have batons, I gave permission and I want to see all the policemen walking with their batons on them. Everything must be done according to Israeli police orders and procedures. And you will receive full backing from me and all the command staff for the use of these means," he added.