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Does anybody know anything?

When asked to reveal why some movies succeed and others fail, screenwriter par excellence William Goldman explained that there is no formula.

Often, it is plain dumb luck. Or, as he put it – “Nobody knows anything.”

Everyone in the entertainment business, particularly in Hollywood, knows that to be true, and anyone paying attention to the news can only conclude that the people who run our lives from Washington, DC, don’t know anything, either. Hollywood is fiction. So no worries. But these DC types are fact, real people.

They have the power to lord it over our lives…yet without the benefit of knowledge or wisdom. Often, there is no choice except to call them a cavalcade of dunces.

Speaking of which…can you believe Kamala Harris is vice-president of the United States? She got the job even though she was the least popular of all the 2020 Democrat candidates.

She scored the lowest on the likability scale, so, given Biden’s habit to do everything backwards, maybe that is why he picked her to be his running mate.

Turned out to be Contrary Joe’s first poke in the eye against Americans.

Then, seeing that she knows nothing or cares nothing about our Border, he chose her to serve as our Immigration Czar.

We are still waiting for her to do anything about the flood of migrants…except giggle. That’s her style when she gets stumped, which is often.

“No,” she could have snapped back. “On equal rights for all, Israel is a light unto the nations.”
Nor does this chic grooving out of California Dreamin’ know anything about foreign affairs. On Israel, she is either flatly prejudiced or plainly ignorant.

When a student at George Mason University accused Israel of “ethnic genocide,” here was Kamala’s chance to feature some worldly smarts and set the record straight.

“No,” she could have snapped back. “On equal rights for all, Israel is a light unto the nations.”

Instead, going Progressive all the way, she sided with the student, saying, “Your truth cannot be suppressed.” (She ought to read this from Melanie Phillips.)

Disappointing…but predictable…given the absurdities we’ve come to expect from her and the other masters of our universe.

For example, our generals.

There they were, the top guns from the Pentagon sitting before committees in the Senate and House to answer for the catastrophe that became Biden’s Afghanistan.

Who got it so wrong, this exit that left our men and women behind…and cost the lives of 13 members of America’s military at the height of the chaotic evacuation?

They tried to get Biden off the hook, but grudgingly had to admit that the “Big Guy” failed to heed their advice, which was to leave 2,500 of our troops in place.

What they could not say was that Biden acted recklessly and thoughtlessly and that here was a commander in chief totally and dangerously unfit.

How about their own failures?


Nobody failed. According to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, and Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, stuff happened.

The operation was a logistical success, they said, but a strategic failure.

Translation: The surgery was a success, too bad the patient died.

That way, nobody is at fault. Nobody pays.

Life goes on…one blunder at a time.

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