Cannabis cookies
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A girl of approximately two years of age from northern Israel on Thursday morning was rushed to the hospital unconscious - and may have ingested cannabis, Maariv reported.

The girl was brought unconscious to the emergency room at Assuta Hospital in the southern city of Ashdod, the report said. After she arrived in the emergency room, it was discovered that she had eaten approximately five cannabis cookies.

The girl was closely monitored due to her slow breathing, and her condition eventually stabilized.

Dr. Noa Rosenfeld, who heads Assuta's pediatric ICU, said, "For such a small girl, she was exposed to a large amount of hash. Eating the cookie is exposure via the digestive system, and that is an immediately life-threatening situation, which can cause seizures, heart irregularities, cessation of breathing, and more."

"The effects begin within about an hour and continue for between four to twelve hours. In this case, there is no antidote - material which can stop the action."

Meanwhile, Israel Police have opened an investigation on the matter. The suspect whose home the girl and her mother were in has been detained for questioning. During the interrogation, suspicions were raised that the suspect possessed food which contains a dangerous drug, which the girl apparently ate.