Zabulon Simantov, the last Jew in Afghanistan
Zabulon Simantov, the last Jew in Afghanistan Reuters

Zebulon Simantov, Afghanistan's last Jew, spoke to Kan News about his recent escape, his desire to reach Israel, and his recent divorce.

In a Tuesday evening interview, Simantov said he was forced to leave Kabul, explaining, "I was in danger every day. I took care of the synagogue for years, and now I had no choice."

In the interview aired on Kan 11, Zebulon said that he is trying to reach the US, but bureaucratic difficulties are holding him up. Later, he also hopes to come to Israel and meet his friends.

From his current location, Zebulon granted his estranged wife a divorce. The process took place in a Zoom call attended by rabbis from Turkey and Australia, who passed his agreement to the Chief Rabbinate in Israel. Simantov added that he is happy that the divorce was granted, and said that at times his wife insisted on staying and sometimes she insisted on leaving, but in the end she left Afghanistan in 1995.

"I have nothing to say to her," he said.

Though Simantov is working to reach the US, he harshly criticized the country's government and warned, "I say to Israel: Don't rely on the US. The US and the international community have caused bloodshed in Afghanistan. They did not bring peace, and they left the citizens in this situation."

Simantov added that if the situation in Afghanistan becomes peaceful again, he will definitely return to his homeland. When asked what was left from the Jewish community there, Simantov said that the synagogue is well-guarded, and in his opinion, the Taliban will not destroy it, and there is someone taking care of it.

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