IDF soldiers during operational activity
IDF soldiers during operational activity IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The office of Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas condemned on Sunday what it called "the two heinous crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces in Jerusalem and Jenin, which resulted in the deaths of five civilians."

The statement referred to the gunfire that broke out between Hamas terrorists and Israeli security forces early Sunday morning, during which four terrorists were eliminated and two soldiers, including one officer, were seriously wounded.

In a statement, the Palestinian Authority stated that "these crimes are an extension of the series of violations and executions on the ground against our (Palestinian) people," and added that the continuation of this policy will lead to an explosion of the situation and further tension and instability.

The statement blamed the "Israeli occupation government" for direct responsibility for the escalation and its consequences, and called on the international community not to remain silent about the "executions" carried out by the "occupation" and to take immediate steps to prosecute the "perpetrators of the crimes".

The large-scale arrest operation of the defense establishment that took place early Sunday morning was intended to thwart a large-scale attack planned by the terrorist organizations in Jerusalem.

According to the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), the planned attack was a very significant attack, the outline of which is reminiscent of inferno attacks from the early 2000s in which there were many casualties.

Security sources said that the Shin Bet had followed the terrorist infrastructure that had been thwarted for a long time and that it understood that the terrorists intended to carry out the attack under the direction of Hamas and that dozens of people were involved in the planning and execution.

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