Yehuda Naumburg and his children on the Temple Mount
Yehuda Naumburg and his children on the Temple Mount picture used with permission of photographer

Yehuda Naumburg walked with his two sons all the way from his home in Givot in Gush Etzion to the Temple Mount, where he ascended this morning (Sunday) with his children.

"Every year, guys from the settlement make a 30 km (18.6 miles) trip from the settlement of Givot in Gush Etzion to the Western Wall," Naumburg said in a conversation with Arutz Sheva.

This is a traditional trip taken from the settlement, with some hikers doing the entire route, and some joining at the Beitar gas station, the zoo or the station complex. "50 guys made this trip," he noted. "Men, women and children."

Naumburg and his children decided that after praying at the Western Wall with their friends that they would ascend the Temple Mount. "We dipped in the Ein Lavan Spring and ascended the Temple Mount," he said.

The date of the 30 km hike , during one of the three Biblical pilgrimage festivals, carries special significance. "This is a religious pilgrimage," he stressed.

In Jerusalem, Naumburg and his sons were joined by his two daughters, and they all ascended the Temple Mount together. "The children here get the message of belief in the way," he noted. "I run marathons and it's still hard. Also the fact that the whole settlement went to the Western Wall and we went to the Temple Mount, for me it's a statement of where your head is, how you want to educate the children; to demand the Temple and to demand the Temple Mount."

Asked if next year he would do the whole route again from his house to the Temple Mount, he replied: "I'll do it already on Passover, G-d willing."

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