Donald Trump
Donald TrumpReuters

Former US President Donald Trump has once again hinted at a 2024 presidential election run, The New York Post reports.

The comments came on Friday in a radio interview when the host noted Trump has shied away from formally announcing his widely anticipated run.

“I’ll ask you a different way, can you think of a reason not to run?” asked David Brody of the Real America’s Voice network.

“Well, I guess a bad call from a doctor or something, right?” Trump responded. “I will say, that happens with people.”

“So things happen, through God, they happen. But you know, I feel so good, and I hate what’s happening to our country,” he added.

Trump has already hinted several times that he will run for the White House again in 2024 but has yet to make a formal announcement.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Trump said that he has already made up his mind regarding a 2024 run, but couldn’t explicitly declare his intentions because of “campaign financing” issues.

When asked whether he plans to make another bid for the White House, Trump said, "I do know my answer but I can't reveal it yet because that has to do with campaign financing and everything else. But I absolutely know my answer. We're going to do very well and people are going to be very happy."

Trump also teased at a 2024 run when he spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference this past February.

In that speech, Trump said of the Democrats, "Actually, as you know they just lost the White House...who knows, I may even decide to beat them for a third time."

Trump’s onetime press secretary, Sean Spicer, last month indicated that Trump would run for the presidency again in 2024.