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The president of the Board of Directors of the Jewish community in Merida, Mexico was targeted with anti-Semitic vandalism at his home on Monday, the Yucatan Times reported.

Alejandro Rabinovich Noé said that unidentified individuals painted anti-Semitic phrases and Nazi symbols on the door of his house.

Rabinovich Noé had lived in Merida for many years without experiencing any incidents of anti-Semitism until last April. It was at that point that he began to receive anonymous threatening calls on his cellphone from unknown numbers.

Each threat warned him to leave Merida, with the aggression of the calls increasing.

After fearing for his safety, Noé filed a complaint with the State Attorney General’s office.

However, Noé told the Times that he had not been informed of any developments in his case, which led him to believed it had been closed.

In the complaint, Rabinovich Noé described receiving the series of threatening calls between mid-April and June from unknown numbers in which he was insulted for being Jewish and told “You and your piece of s**t Jewish family, we don’t want you here, we want all the Jews pieces of s**t Zionists to get out of here.”

He described the threats against him and the local Jewish community beginning after he took over the presidency of the Board of Directors of the Jewish community.

“I am going to resign from the Board of Directors of the Jewish community in Merida, and I will expand my complaint, this is already more serious than I thought at first,” he told the Times.

Rabinovich Noé reported the anti-Semitic vandalism of his house to the Secretary of Public Security.

In February, Rabinovich Noé announced plans to build a synagogue in Merida. The city has a Jewish population of approximately 200.