London Flash 90

A UK man is on trial for vandalizing 17 bus stops in Jewish areas of North West London with anti-Semitic graffiti that claimed Jewish people were “grey aliens,” the Mirror reported.

Nicholas Lalchan, 49, also allegedly defaced windows at an accounting firm.

The graffiti was written on bus stops with a black marker in Jewish areas of London such as Edgware, Hendon and Finchley, according to court proceedings.

Prosecutor David Patience told the jury that the vandalism was prompted by malice towards the Jewish community.

Lalchan admitted to criminal damage and possessing an article with intent to commit criminal damage, but pleaded not guilty to the charge that the graffiti was religiously or racially motivated and to the charge of stirring up racial hatred, reported BBC News.

Patience told the court that the graffiti accused Jews of being “grey aliens” and urged the searching of Youtube and Google to find further related offensive claims.

The graffiti was “seen by Jewish people and non-Jewish people who were distressed by what they saw and reported it to the police."

Lalchan was arrested after a community support officer recognized his photo.

He was arrested at his home in North London. Police searched his backpack and found black markers and leaflets with messages similar to that of the graffiti, the court was told.

A further search of his home reportedly turned up more leaflets, markets and a USB stick containing additional anti-Jewish material.

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