Sukkah of Emunah children's home
Sukkah of Emunah children's homeRoni Amar

Last night, on Hol HaMoed Sukkot, the children, staff and the women of Emunah Netanya and their husbands, who adopted the Children’s Home during the coronavirus pandemic, gathered at the Children’s Home Sukkah for dinner, a performance and dancing.

"The bond between the women and the children grew stronger over the turbulent last two years, leading to collaborations that promote and enhance the children’s welfare," the Emunah organization said,

"Wednesday night's festivities were exceptional, as is befitting of the Water Drawing Festival (Simchat Beit HaShoeva) celebrated during Hol HaMoed Sukkot. The party was attended by the Netanya group of English-speaking Emunah ladies (and their spouses), who came to celebrate the holiday with the children and staff. Mentalist Nathan Rosenberg and DJ Nir performed at the exciting event. The ladies of Emunah Netanya spoke at the event, as did Yehuda Kohn, the Children’s Home director. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone celebrated – young and old.

"Every year during Sukkot, the Children’s Home hosts hundreds of local and international guests in its Sukkah. This is the second year in which there were no guests from abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this year the Home was lit up by guests with an especially huge heart. The joy is even greater, knowing that the guests are neighbors, living in the same city. After all, nothing is better than a good neighbor," Emunah said.