Eitan Biran
Eitan BiranCourtesy of the family

On Thursday, the Tel Aviv Family Court held a hearing to discuss Eitan Biran, the six-year-old who was brought to Israel by his grandfather Shmuel Peleg without his guardian aunt's permission.

According to Israel Hayom, the hearing was held at the request of Aya Biran-Nirko, Eitan's aunt, who demanded that the September 29 court date be pushed up to accommodate her.

Biran-Nirko initially demanded that the Tel Aviv court declare that Eitan was kidnapped and that Eitan be returned to Italy and to her care. However, the hearing concluded with both sides agreeing to split care of Eitan between them, until October 8 at least. As such, both the boy's paternal aunt and his maternal grandparents will be responsible for Eitan's care, for the meantime.

The Peleg family, meanwhile, has pointed an accusing finger at the Italian court, saying: "They tricked us. They brought a judge who does not speak Hebrew or English, and she forced Shmulik to sign a document for temporary guardianship. He emphasized and said many times that this is a temporary matter, but in practice it was decided otherwise. The decision was made on the 26th of the month, on the day of the funerals, without us being able to do anything. It's simple underhanded opportunism."

Eitan is the sole survivor of a cable car crash in Italy, which killed 14 people, including both his parents and his two-year-old brother.

Last week, the Italian Consul visited Eitan at his grandparents' home, saying afterwards that he "seems to be in good health." Earlier that same week, Shmuel Peleg was interrogated by Israel Police on suspicion of kidnapping a minor under age 16.