The Netherlands on Sunday dedicated its first national monument to all the Dutch victims of the Holocaust.

The monument, which was designed by Daniel Libeskind, who lost family members during the Holocaust, was unveiled Sunday in the center of Amsterdam, with King Willem-Alexander leading the dedication ceremony.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte also took part in the unveiling ceremony, saying the new monument ‘forces’ the Netherlands to confront its history.

"It's a black page in the history of our country. It forces us to question whether more should have been done to prevent it and to realize that even these days anti-Semitism is never far away."

The new memorial lists the names of 102,163 victims of the Holocaust who were deported from the Netherlands and killed in Nazi concentration camps.

While other monuments in the Netherlands have memorialized local victims, the new monument is the first national memorial bearing the names of all the victims in the Netherlands.

The memorial’s construction, which cost some $17.5 million, was delayed for years over disputes over its location and design.