Isaac Herzog
Isaac HerzogAmos Ben Gershom, GPO

Today, Sunday, President Isaac Herzog and First Lady Michal Herzog participated in the official memorial ceremony at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem marking 48 years since the Yom Kippur War.

President Herzog said: “Many of the challenges that the Yom Kippur War posed us are still with us today, and they must serve as a warning light for us."

"We must do everything so that a surprise like the Yom Kippur War will never repeat itself. We must not settle into false conceptions: we must always be ready for war and not miss any opportunity for peace. We must not belittle our enemies or slip into false illusions. We must always ask questions. We must always be ready for any eventuality. With one hand on the trigger, and the other holding an olive branch, extended in peace.

“Indeed, our defensive might is not in question. Even now, the guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps (Psalm 121:4). Our security forces, the IDF, the Police, our intelligence agencies are not silent, and they are constantly working to protect Israel’s citizens. At this opportunity, I want to thank all our forces for their daring, determination, and creativity in capturing the terrorists last night [who escaped from Gilboa Prison]. This defensive might is based, among other things, on our brave and tight contact with our neighbors, chiefly Egypt and Jordan, and now also other countries from Morocco to the Gulf, following the Abraham Accords. This diplomatic and regional change and these important alliances are without doubt part of our answer to, and the lessons we have learned from, the Yom Kippur War.”